I would love to support you on your journey.
Here is How it works!

  1. Make an 20 minute intro appointment to get to know me below or Make a full appointment to work with me over phone and email

  2. I will send you an intake form to fill out that helps me help you.

  3. I will give you a plan for your fertility, pregnancy, or postpartum health including well woman

  4. We may meet once or we may continue meeting for on going coaching

  5. I may suggest you run a few labs which I can order for you and you can do where ever you live. I may recommend some supplement which you can buy from my store.

If you have a health savings account you should be able to use that for the appointment as I am a Licensed provider. Unfortunately most insurance will not cover my consulting services an exception is Samaritan Ministries will cover me for pregnancy and postpartum.