Recommended Supplements

I believe in high quality supplements. Here are the brands I use and recommend.

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Wellevate allows my clients access to 100's of products from various brands at a 15% discount. You have to make an account. Free shipping over $50

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Wholistic Solutions

These are my favorite brand of supplement. They are whole food highest quality supplements. I recommend them as prenatals, liver, hormone, digestion and overall health support. Here is a list Wholistic Solutions Supplement List.

Standard Process

High quality whole food supplements sold through health care providers to their clients. If you are interested in these products please message me.


Plexus has two of the best supplements for healing the gut Bio Cleanse and Pro Bio 5 and an excellent supplement for balancing blood sugars called Slim. Together these three are called triplex. I have seen amazing results with these in all ages. Healing the gut can reverse learning disorders, auto immune disorders, balance hormones, and reverse food allergies.


Bio Matrix

These are some high quality products for addressing pathogen infections and balancing hormonal issues. I may suggest you order from them for some specific protocols!