Plan The Birth You Want To Have!

Why work with a midwife?

Be empowered to have a beautiful personal birth. As a prenatal and postpartum midwife, I provide resources, knowledge, and support that complement the care you receive at your primary care provider. My preventative, personalized approach will help you build a foundation for health from the ground up. 

We'll go over good nutrition, how to make a birth plan, what tests are beneficial for you and your baby and why.

We look at what is going on with your pregnancy and risk factors you have in order to prevent issues before they occur. So many pregnancy and postpartum concerns can be prevented or addressed naturally before they cause major issues. Examples include preventing and addressing anemia, edema (swelling), nausea, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and postpartum depression.  I also help you make a birth plan to have the birth you want. A healthy, joyful pregnancy is around the corner!

How it Works

  • Go to the appointment page Here
  • Then schedule your appointment and complete the payment details.
  • We meet by Skype or phone call

Appointments are intended to provide a personal connection so you can ask more intimate, in-depth questions that perhaps aren’t addressed in a regularly scheduled appointment with your other care providers.

You will receive practical suggestions on how to address specific issues or general nutritional needs and learn what options you may have to improve your pregnancy and birth experience. Midwives offer very personal, in-depth, evidence-based care and truly impact the health of your pregnancy.

My midwifery services are all consultative in nature, and no birthing services are offered at this time. It's a privilege for me to consult with women all around the world to empower them to have a more vibrant pregnancy and birth.

Let's do this!

“When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I saw a doctor in my hometown in Missouri and chose a traditional hospital delivery. I really like my doctor, but didn’t always feel like he had the time to really help me have a healthy pregnancy. When I developed preeclampsia late in pregnancy and realized how dangerous it was for me and my baby and didn’t really want to just sit and wait to see what happened as my doctor suggested, I started consulting with Kara at Vibrant Health and Healing. She gave me lots of suggestions to try to get my blood pressure down, reduce the swelling, protect myself and the baby and have a healthy birth. Every suggestion she gave me really worked and my symptoms started to lessen within just a couple of hours. I felt healthier and safer after doing her suggestions and had way less apprehension and fear when my doctor said it was time to induce. Because of how my condition turned around after consulting with Kara and trying what she suggested, I truly credit her with the safe delivery my baby and I both enjoyed. I consulted with her further after the delivery and again she had great suggestions that I had never heard of before, but seriously helped so much as I recovered. It makes me wish I would have consulted with her earlier…I’ll certainly be contacting her early on in my next pregnancy!" - Ashley, MO