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Atalanta Georgia
Vibrant Mama
Postpartum Care

The Postpartum Season is a beautiful time of bonding for the mom and baby. Moms need support and to know everything is normal.

I am a Licensed Midwife and I offer in home Postpartum care for mom and babies. I visit you in your home and offer:

  • Postpartum exam and knowledge of what is normal with answers to concerns for both mom and baby.
  • Breastfeeding support and natural answers for engorgement, to prevent mastitis, and information on tongue and lip ties.
  • I give emotional support for postpartum depression and natural answers along with knowledge on when to get medical help.
  • I offer information on healing tears and prolapse issues.
  • Ask about cranial sacral therapy for mom and baby.

Appointments are in your home:

  • A single 90 min appointment
  • A Postpartum Package of 6 hour appointments through your postpartum as needed or weekly.
  • Some Health Saving Account and insurance cover my services.

    To schedule or learn more about working with Kara send her a message.