Wholistic Solutions Combination- Digestive, Vitamin-mineral-antioxidant, Essential Fatty Acid

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Wholistic Solutions Combination- Digestive, Vitamin-mineral-antioxidant, Essential Fatty Acid


These 3 Supplements Digestive, Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant, Essential Fatty Acids goes far beyond many traditional vitamins and minerals by taking one of each three times a day just like you would eat a meal they provide digestive enzymes, probiotics, whole-food vitamins, whole-food minerals, whole-food antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

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These Vitamins contain Core 6 essentials to give you the health, energy, vitality and strength that will change your life.*

  • Factor 1 – Digestive Enzymes. Our proprietary blend of live plant enzymes breaks down all food groups (carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber).*
  • Factor 2 – Probiotics. Probiotics help maintain healthy intestinal flora to encourage proper digestion and create many beneficial vitamins.*
  • Factor 3 – Vitamins. Unlike old fashioned synthetic supplements, these whole-food vitamins with all of the natural co-factors present can be absorbed by your body and give you nutrients just the way nature intended.*
  • Factor 4 – Minerals. Like whole-food vitamins, whole-food minerals contain all the co-factors your body needs to fully absorb and utilize all these nutrients and micronutrients.*
  • Factor 5 – Antioxidants. Whole-food antioxidants give broad spectrum protection from all types of free radicals.*
  • Factor 6 – Essential Fatty Acids. Whole-food essential fatty acids are the good fats required by every cell and organ in the body. Essential fatty acids are critical to the health of the human body.*