Hevert Cough Relief Homopahtic

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Hevert Cough Relief Homopahtic


Homeopathic Remedy

- Relieves symptoms of cough and cold
- Quick dissolving tablets

Uses: For temporary relief of cough and cold symptoms, such as:
- dry, irritating cough
- wet cough with phlegm
- chest congestion
- hoarseness

Drug Facts:
Active Ingredients / Purpose (Relief of)
Drosera 4X / dry irritating cough
Eridictyon californicum 2X / wet cough with phlegm and chest congestion
Grindelia 4X / chest congestion
Kali iodatum 3X / wet cough with phlegm and chest congestion
Spongia tosta 4X / hoarseness and cough
Sticta pulmonaria 3X / chronic respiratory conditions
Teucrium scorodonia 3X / chronic respiratory conditions
Verbascum densiflorum 2X / dry or hoarse cough

Inactive Ingredients: lactose, magnesium stearate


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