Health --- A Starting Point

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Health--- A Starting Point

Health is one of the greatest gifts we have in life. It is not something to be taken for granted. I learned this the hard way. In my 20’s I was invincible. I traveled the world. I was on call as a midwife all hours. I lived overseas for a season. I loved it and am glad I did it, but I paid for it with my health. I would go and forget to eat until my blood sugars over time became erratic. I worked nights and taxed my body so my adrenals rebelled. I picked up a parasite and my health failed and for three years I fought to regain my health. Now I still plan on living and doing what I love. I do have other goals as well, like living into my 90’s and still being mentally and physically fit, having babies in my 30s, having energy to enjoy life. These are not a right or a privilege of life but a gift that comes with stewarding the body well.

How do you steward your body well? Let me ask you a few questions.

Do you regularly take any pharmaceutical prescription or over the counter drug? This includes for heartburn, indigestion, headaches, or during your menstrual cycle.

Yes, I admit that medicine is a part of our world and can be beneficial and a great blessing. We take it though almost without thinking, not realizing the consequences it may have on our health or what it is saying about our health. Remember that pain is your body communicating with you and pharmaceuticals often turn off that signal instead of fixing the problem.

Do you go to sleep easily and stay asleep? [unless you are a parents of young kids :) ] Do you wake up full of energy and ready for the day even without coffee?

Sleep is necessary for our body to heal and recharge. If you are not going to sleep easily or staying asleep, this is your body communicating with you that something is not right. Taking sleeping medicine is a bandage and is not the answer. Oftentimes sleep problems are related to blood sugar issues, adrenal issues, or pathogens. I encourage you to dig deeper to the root health issue.

Do you have energy throughout the day without any stimulants?

Energy is a result of a body that is running well and using its resources efficiently. If your liver is toxic or your thyroid or adrenals are not healthy then you are not going to have energy to do life. If you have an underlying infection or pathogens hiding in your body it will be taking your resources instead of letting you live fully.

What Health Looks Like

These are 3 examples of what health looks like: a low need/no need for medicine, good sleep, and energy. If these are not true for you then you should examine your health. These can and should be true for you into old age. Health is not just defined by a lack of symptoms. It is defined by your body functioning the way it is supposed to so you have energy and rest and joy in living.

Health is a gift. It allows us to enjoy a full life. If your goal, like mine, is to live a healthy life into your 90’s and beyond, I recommend you consider health from a functional perspective and practice preventive health care.  Consider doing a Directional Consultation with me, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

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