8 Steps to Creating Your Dream Birth

8 Steps to Creating Your Dream Birth

Birth can be one of the most beautiful experiences a woman ever has or it can be a horrendous nightmare. The difference is knowing how to prepare for birth. These 8 steps will help you create the birth of your dreams. I expand on them more in my course Creating Your Dream Birth you can take here.

1.       Choosing a Location
There is a big difference in hospitals and the policy they have greatly changes your birth experience. Always visit and talk to the nurses at a hospital before you deliver there. In my course I go through a list of questions to ask and how to determine if a hospital is mother-baby friendly. Especially if you are high risk, it is worth knowing beforehand the hospital policy.

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2.       Choosing a Care Provider
It is important to be comfortable and feel safe with your care provider. You need to know they will support your desires. Most care providers work in a practice so it is important to know if corporately they will support your birth plan. There are so many good doctors and midwives get some recommendations from other moms and the nurses at the hospital. 

3.       Good Nutrition Is the Key to a Good Birth
If you asked me what makes the biggest difference in pregnancy, for the health of the mom and baby, I would say nutrition. Good nutrition builds healthy tissues, expands blood volume, gives nutrition and oxygen to the baby, and prevents anemia. It lowers your chances of a long labor, postpartum depression, and difficult nursing.

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4.       Preparing Your Body.
You are about to run a marathon and then be the sole source of food for another human that is nursing. It is important to prepare your body with exercise, your tissues so you don’t tear, and your nipples for breastfeeding. If you prepare your body physically you will have an easier labor and be more able to enjoy your new baby.

 5.       Be Proactive Not Reactive with Complications
Know what risk factors you have and you may be able to prevent them from happening. You can help prevent many complications with diet and lifestyle and good supplements. These complications include preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and preterm labor. Some care providers have a wait and seen instead of prevention mind set.

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 6.       Have A Good Birth Team
Have a team around you to support you so you feel safe. This enables you to relax and labor to go more smoothly. Your birth team may not all be at your birth but should include a doula for your birth and a postpartum doula. You should seriously consider also having on your team, a lactation consultant, pediatrician, chiropractor, photographer, placenta encapsulation specialist, and childcare for other kids.

 7.       Prevent the Cascade of Interventions
The cascade of interventions are small interventions that often end in a c-section. They include induction, continuous fetal monitoring, Pitocin, epidural and c-section. All of these can be good interventions when needed but oftentimes are not needed and lead to other unnecessary interventions, each with their own negative side effects. When you know when these are needed and how to avoid them if they are not it will help you avoid an unnecessary c-section.

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 8.       Have a Simple Birth Plan
Summarize your desires for your birth on a simple one page birth plan that you OK with your doctor before labor. This is an easy way to share with the hospital staff what your desires are for labor so while in labor you can focus on having a baby. Check out my free course how to create a birth plan.

When you have the above steps in place they will help you to create the birth of your dreams. If you want to know more about how to implement each step please take my course Creating Your Dream Birth.

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