Do You Have a Baby Bubble?

Do You Have a Baby Bubble?

What is a baby bubble? Why do I need one? And where can I buy one? :) Actually, you can’t buy one---- you have to make it or carve it out for yourself. A Baby Bubble is choosing rest and heal and bond with your new baby away from the demands of life. It is the term I use to describe the first weeks or more of life with your new baby. It is a beautiful time within the postpartum season of your baby being new and you recovering from birth. Making sure you have a baby bubble is key to a successful postpartum season.

When I deliver a baby I instruct the mom to stay in bed for at least 3 days and do nothing. I tell her she can get up and go to the bathroom. She should not lift anything heavier than her baby. This is her family’s opportunity to love her and wait on her. She should not see anyone except her closest people and that should be limited so she can sleep. After that I ask that she stay home and mostly on the couch or in bed. No doing laundry or dishes!!! The women who follow these instruction thrive in postpartum. They heal faster, have less postpartum depression, and nursing goes better. In short, they rock postpartum because they made themselves a baby bubble.

Does this seem impossible to you? Well it is counter cultural to rest, and if you are a mom and have other littles it may feel impossible. So for a baby bubble to occur you must plan and make it happen.

Dads, you have the power to make this happen by insisting that your woman is worth it. When you have a happier woman instead of a crying mess for weeks you will thank me.

Plan for meals ahead and have a meal train with a list of meals you want or have people buy you groceries. People love to help new moms. See My Blog on Postpartum Meal Train

Get a postpartum Doula. Please, if you don’t have friends or family that you can depend on nearby then a postpartum Doula is a must. She will come in for a couple of hours every day to clean and cook and give you a chance to nap. Besides, they are trained in what is normal in postpartum so can bring a lot of peace to new moms.

Get help with the other kids. We all know that if you have a toddler it is almost impossible to stay in bed. This may be tricky because you don’t want just anyone watching your kids, so before postpartum it is important to established relationships with a few people you trust. This could be family, church, neighbors, or associations you belong to. Often you can find a trustworthy teenage girl to come in after school, or if they are home schooled during the day, and play with older children for a couple hours. Budget this in beforehand if you need to or start a Go Fund Me for your postpartum.

In creating a baby bubble you have to have creative and diplomatic ways to say to people I want to see you and for you to meet my baby but I need this time to recover and bond. If you express this with love people will understand, and if they don’t that’s ok too because you’re doing what is right for you and your family, which is your first priority.

A baby bubble is your way of loving yourself, your baby, and your family by saying I will protect this time with my newborn. It is not just a nice idea; it is a must for you to heal and thrive in the postpartum.