Homeopathics Prevent the Flu

Homeopathics Prevent the Flu

100 years ago in 1918 was the great flu where 600,000 people died. People could be healthy in the morning and dead by night. It killed more people in one year than all the people in World War I, which was going on at the same time. It started during an age of innocence when scientists were making great advances and people felt invincible. The American Experience has a great documentary on the flu.(2) Influenza is normal part of our winters from November to March and we do not think of people dying of it unless they are old or already immune compromised. But we do think of being miserable from it.

The flu is a viral infection with symptoms of feeling chilly but having a fever, headache, eyes heavy and sensitive to movement, aches and pains all over the body, stiffness, weakness, depression.

The flu shot is offered to people, not without consequences. Recent findings published by our government for flu shots is that the flu vaccine is the HIGHEST compensated and most OFTEN reported type of vaccine injury in the vaccine court with millions of dollars awarded in the last year for flu vaccine injury cases. (1)

Preventing getting the flu is a matter of having a superior immune system. For those who want a bit more prevention, but without the chance for negative consequences consider using homeopathy, which has been used successfully in epidemics like 1918 and during the yearly  flu season.  Also it is safe in pregnancy and nursing.

Homeoprophylaxis means the use of homeopathic nosodes OR homeopathic remedies for disease prevention.
  • Influenzinum 200 CK is a homeoprophylaxis for flu prevention. It is safe for all ages from newborn up.
    Dosing: 2 pills under the tongue before bed, once a month during flu season for all family members to help prevent the flu. It has no negative side effects.
  • Oscilloccinum: Useful if given at the first onset of the flu. Anxiety, paleness, and chill. It has been shown in clinical studies to help reduce both the duration and the severity of flu-like symptoms.
    Dosing:  Adults and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve entire contents of one tube in the mouth every 6 hours, up to 3 times a day. Children younger than 2 years of age: Ask a doctor.
  • Flu Plus homeopathic remedy by BHI is a combination of several homeopathic that support your body as it combats the flu. It is very effective in relieving symptoms of the flu: body aches, fatigue, and headaches. This is my go to remedy with the flu.
    Dosing: At first sign of symptoms: Adults and children 4 years and older: 1 tablet every 1/2 to 1 hour until symptoms lessen, then continue with standard dosage. Do not exceed 12 tablets in 24 hours.

So there you go homeopaths to prevent flu, to treat at the onset and to treat during. Safe for adults including pregnant and nursing moms and safe for children.

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