Key to eating in the Postpartum

Key to Eating in the Postpartum

Having what I call an “intentional flow of eating” will enable you to eat well in the postpartum. You know you need to eat. For ideas on what to eat see my blog 8 Guidelines for Eating Nutritiously in the Postpartum. But how do you make sure you actually eat in the business and exhaustion of the postpartum. Here is an outline of a flow to make sure you are eating real food and enough.

First thing in the morning have a Smoothie or fresh juice. Make extra so you can have this two more times during the day. This is also great to take with you if you are running an errand. (Recommend smoothie book link )

Breakfast ---A little bit later but no more than an hour eat some protein. Most people do better if they are running on protein and not carbohydrates. This is more important if you had fresh juice first which I recommend. This may feel funny, but this is a great time to eat some soup or broth.  Another option is to choose a good protein and eat some fermented vegetables with it to help with digestion.

Snack--- Have a snack available at all the times. This is especially important in the car. I always have nuts I can grab a handful of in my car. Postpartum is a season of grazing. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and keep your blood sugar up. Here are some of my favorites that you can rotate: nuts, fruit, hummus with veggie sticks, cottage cheese, applesauce, nut butter with apple or celery, trail mix, pita chips with goats cheese, guacamole, salsa and blue corn chips.

Lunch--- This may be a loose term since you are eating throughout the day. Eat a large salad. Eat some leftover dinner with a little each of a good fat food, good protein, and vegetable.

Afternoon---Next have another portion of your smoothie or make a smoothie if you had juice first. Remember to be snacking. You should have a minimum of two snacks between lunch and dinner.

Dinner--- Choose a meal from one of these cookbooks. (Recommended Cookbooks) Plan ahead and make ahead to keep your blood sugars happy. Don’t wait until you are hungry. Have a list of meals that you like and have a few meals in the freezer to pull out on THOSE days. You know which days I mean.

To make planning ahead and meal planning easier check out Real Plans Online Menu. They provide you with a personal menu and shopping list.  Recipes include gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo and Auto Immune Paleo options. Check out there website here Real Plans

Bedtime be sure to eat some more protein and fat to sustain you throughout the night.

During the night have a snack by your bed in case you wake up in the middle of the night. Oftentimes waking up in the middle of the night is just low blood sugar.


So now you have an idea how to structure eating throughout the day to be successful at eating during your postpartum. Having a plan to eat good foods and a flow to follow as loosely or as structured as needed is going to enable you to keep your blood sugars up and enjoy your postpartum.