6 Supplements to Support Lung Health

6 Supplements to Support Lung Health

I wanted to pass along this protocol to support lungs specifically for those around the fires in California but also for anyone who has chronic lung problems in the winter months. This can support lungs during the flu season that have been compromised with all the smoke as well as people who have chronic lung problems in the winter months.

According to Dr Michael Gaeta a good lung protocol would include vitamins, minerals, lipids, herbs and glandulars. Glandulars are specific targeted supplements created from similar areas of animals for example cow lungs to support lungs. These are powerful for encouraging the body to heal certain areas of the body.

Note that if you are vegetarian or vegan you can only take ResCo and PulmaCo as they do not contain animal products.

PulmaCo and ResCo contain herbs not recommended in pregnancy and lactation. All the other supplements are all safe in pregnancy and lactation and great ways to build the immune system in the winter months.

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Smoke Protection Protocol:  

•   Emphaplex (3-6/day) - A combo of 5 formulas, contains Catalyn, Drenamin, Pneumotrophin PMG, Phosfood and Protefood.  This should take the place of any other multivitamin until the smoke clears.

•   PulmaCo (3/day) - This is a tonifying herbal blend, helping to strengthen the lungs and assists in opening the airways to get more air and more oxygen into the body. It can help unclog the alveoli in the lungs as they get clogged with soot from fire. Not recommended in pregnancy and lactation.

•   Congaplex (3-6/day) - A combo product containing 4 formulas providing calcium, echinacea, and nutrients needed for inflammation. It also supports the lymphatic system and supplies RNA.

•   ResCo (3/day)- Herbal formula that helps to lubricate dry lungs, nourishes Lung Yin, and helps to open airways. Contains expectorant herbs and herbal bitters that help improve ciliary function, and clearance of phlegm and mucous. Not recommended in pregnancy or lactation.

•   Pneumotrophin PMG (3-6/day)- Providing more of the necessary protomorphogen than what’s included in Emphaplex for assistance in lung repair and healthy function.  Best if taken on an empty stomach (before bed and upon rising).

•   Cod Liver Oil (3/day) - The most specific lipid for the lungs because of the naturally occurring vitamin D and the critical vitamin A (anti-infection). This helps nourish the epithelium of the lungs.

Good take Emphaplex and PlumaCo.

Better Take those and Congaplex and ResCo. (Congaplex is amazing for respiratory infections)

Best take all of the above.


Dr Michale Gaeta 2018 seminar

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