Please Don’t Give Your Baby Formula

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Please Don’t Give Your Baby Formula
What To Do If Breastfeeding Is Not An Option

Most women can breastfeed and I encourage all of them to get second and third opinions and experienced help, but there are times when breastfeeding is not an option. A few of these may be adopting a baby or are fostering a baby. There are times when mom cannot produce enough milk. If mom can produce any milk it is great for her to keep working on her supply as well as supplementing. The mom may have to work and not be able to pump. Mom may be very sick or on medicine that is not conducive to breastfeeding. In these cases please don’t give your baby formula!

Why are you so adamantly against formula, you ask? Well, to quote Dr. Joel Robbins, “Formulas are dead, inorganic, and mucus-producing. As a result, they will precipitate sinus problems, ear infections, allergies, and lung disorders.” Also not good to give is raw cow’s milk because it is too high in calcium, which disrupts mineral balance, and too high in protein which causes digestive problems. Pasteurized milk should not be used as it is a dead substance without enough nutrients to sustain life. This has been demonstrated in if calves are given pasteurized milk they will not live!


For those interested in the science of why formula is not an option Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet describes the foundation of gut flora in a newborn. Babies are born with an open gut (leaky gut). This allows the colostrum’s protein (the first breastmilk), peptides, and transferfacterin to get into the baby’s blood and begin to give the baby what he needs to protect him and build his immunity. The first colostrum does not have sugar in it, but at around six hours colostrum begins to contain sugar which starts to build a mucus that closes the gut wall. This colostrum, along with the microbes the baby has already inherited or encountered, is the foundation for its inner ecosystem. If breastfeeding is continued, breast milk, the perfect food, feeds and further develops this inner mucosal lining. This is the body’s way of immunizing the baby to protect it from disease.  (3)

A large portion of the immune system is right outside of the gut and the microflora helps support the inner ecosystem. Our body actually immunizes us through the inner ecosystem of the gut. Microflora is in communication with our enteric nervous system, or the second brain, all the time. Our neurotransmitters are manufactured in our intestines.


Dr. Campbell-McBride explains that children born with a damaged gut are more susceptible to disease. For children who do not develop normal gut flora, instead of the digestive system nourishing them it is a source of toxicity. Pathogenic microbes inside the digestive tract damage the gut wall allowing toxins and microbes to flood into the bloodstream and into the brain of the child. This often happens when formula is given because formula does not build the gut like breastmilk does so the protective layer against abnormal gut flora is not built. The result is children whose brains are clogged due to toxicity. If these children are then given vaccines or exposed to other intense toxins like metals in the environment or mold they may develop symptoms of autism, other pervasive developmental disorders, and digestive disorders such as asthma, allergies, skin problems and auto immune disorders. (5)

So you see this is not just a suggestion that formula is not a good option. It is a must in our toxic world to give our children the very best start possible. If you gave your kids formula don’t fear or feel guilty. There are ways to rebuild the gut and reverse all of the above disorders, but it is more work than just starting out well.


What Do You Suggest In Place Of Formula?

The Best Substitutes for Breast Milk in order of quality/nutritional value according to Dr. Joel Robbins.

#1 Donated breast milk from a known donor. If for some reason you cannot breastfeed or are not producing enough milk the absolutely best option is to get breast milk from someone who is pumping and freezing their milk for the specific purpose of donating it. You can contact your local homebirth midwife and enquire if they know of anyone with extra milk.

#2 Make your own breastmilk substitute of equal parts of:
Raw, fresh carrot juice (it must be fresh and raw)
Raw goat’s milk
Pure water (distilled or reverse osmosis filtered)
Can add small amount (½ stalk celery per pound of carrot)
of fresh celery juice to carrot juice for B vitamins

#3 A mixture of:
Raw goat’s milk
½ stalk of celery juice for B vitamins
Pure water (distilled or reverse osmosis filtered)
(Note: you will need to begin by diluting the goat’s milk with distilled water ½ and ½ and slowly increasing goat’s milk. If baby gets colicky or diarrhea, the goat’s milk is too concentrated and you need to add more water.

#4 Equal parts of:
Raw carrot juice
Canned goat’s milk
Pure water (distilled or reverse osmosis filtered)
add ½ stalk of celery for B vitamins

#5 If the above are not an option then raw cow’s milk may be used as a preferred option to formula. Equal parts of:
Raw cow’s milk
Raw carrot juice
Pure water (distilled or reverse osmosis filtered)
add ½ stalk of celery for B vitamins

This sight has more information on the best baby formulas

If you need more guidance on formula substitutes or what to feed your newborn please make an appointment with me. If you gave your baby formula and want to rebuild its gut or its suffers from autism, digestive disorders, other pervasive developmental disorders, or asthma, allergies, skin problems and auto immune disorders I would love to consult with you. I am a Certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Consultant and love helping families to heal their guts and reverse health issues.

Some of these sources are available to purchase by clicking on the title.

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Gut foundation CD by Donna Gates at Body Ecologies.

The Benefits of a Probiotic Diet CD by Donna Gates at Body Ecologies


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