PMS --- What Is Your Body Saying To You?

PMS --- What Is Your Body Saying To You?

News Flash! Premenstrual Syndrome is your body communicating that something is not right and needs to change.  PMS should not be normal, though it is very common. As women, we are used to the host of symptoms that occur in the 2 to 7 days before we start menstruation. They may range from feeling a little blue to debilitating and having to stay in bed for a couple days. What should be normal is to come up to menstruation, about 27-30 days after starting it last time, without even realizing we are going to start and have an easy bright red flow of 3-5 days. Anything else is not normal and is our body communicating that our hormones are out of balance. Be encouraged. We can interpret what the body is telling us and over time help our cycle to be normal.

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The symptoms of PMS are in 4 categories according to a system created by Dr. Guy Abraham. But of course, you can have symptoms from more than one category.

1.       Cravings  

Symptoms include increased appetite,  headaches, fatigue, dizziness, heart pounding
The main support needed for this category is chaste tree to balance hormones and blood sugar support.

2.       Anxiety

Symptoms include nervousness, tension, irritability, mood changes, anxiety, forgetfulness,  Crying,  Confusion,  Insomnia
The main support needed for this category is chaste tree to balance hormones and minerals.

3.       Hyper Hydration

Symptoms include fluid retention, weight gain, swelling, breast tenderness,  abdominal bloating
The main support for this category is chaste tree to balance hormones, liver support and circulatory support.

4.       Pain

Symptoms include aches and pains, reduced pain threshold, cramps
The main support for this category is chaste tree to balance hormones and to reduce inflammation by avoiding inflammatory foods like wheat and soy and adding in fish oils like cod liver oil.

About 5% of women deal with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, which is the above symptoms to an increased severity so that they cannot continue life as normal. These women would benefit from working with a professional and may need a lot of diligence to get to a normal place, but it is possible.  A great starting point is the book A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD.


PMS is not just one issue in your body. It is a combination of blood sugar issues, liver issues, circulation issues, inflammatory issues, and hormonal imbalance. So it must be addressed in all of these areas.

Chaste tree is the king of balancing hormones. Its is also known as chaste berry and vitex.  I recommend taking it first thing in the morning for 6 cycles. It works on by stimulating the pituitary gland and for best results stop taking it during your menstration and then start again. This enables the pituitary to be the most sensitive to it.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, “Chaste berry appears to be generally well tolerated. Few side effects have been reported. Women on birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, or who have a hormone-sensitive condition (such as breast cancer) should not use chaste berry. People taking dopamine-related medications, such as certain antipsychotic drugs and Parkinson’s disease medications should avoid using chasteberry.”


If you relate to the symptoms of PMS and want to work on these in a natural way please make an appointment with me. You don’t have to suffer each month. PMS should not be normal. It just requires deciphering what your body is telling you.  It may take changes in lifestyle and diet and taking some supplements, but it is possible to not suffer from any PMS.

To help women decipher PMS I have you fill out some forms and do a deciphering consultation and then follow up in 3 months. It may take some time to re-balance hormones and heal your body. I would love to get you started on the right path.


Top 10 Womens Complaints: PMS  Lecture by Angela Hywood N.D (Australia) Tonic Australia 73/8-14 Fullerton Street Woollahra NSW 2025

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