Safe Ways to Balance Emotions in Pregnancy

Safe Ways to Balance Emotions in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an emotional time. I often get questions about what is safe to take in pregnancy to help with feeling sad or depressed or emotional swings. If you are struggling to feel happy and upbeat, first, I want you to understand this can be normal. Your body is going through a lot of changes and you are preparing for one of the largest changes you will have in your life. Even if not a first baby, adding another baby, though a wonderful gift, can be a huge stress. Here are some practical, safe-for-pregnancy ideas to support your emotions.

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Diet and Lifestyle are Key

  • Stay hydrated. This seems simple, but it is huge for your emotions and for your blood expansion and hormones. Drink throughout the day, not a bunch all at once. Aim for 2 to 3 quarts of water or herbal tea. 
  • Cut back on sugars and refined carbohydrates as they are depressants. Which means they cause us to feel depressed!
  • Increase fresh and raw vegetables and fruit.
  • Juice fresh vegetable and fruit juice so you get the live enzymes. Make it fresh, not bought in the store, which is basically just sugar. Live enzymes do so much for our bodies health and sense of wellbeing.
  • Make sure to keep your blood sugar balanced by snacking throughout the day. This can be so hard to remember, but eating every 2 hours could be the difference between grumpy you and happy you. If you feel your emotions are connected to blood sugar crashing which is common in pregnancy consider taking Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) to help balance your blood sugars.  I also love plexus pink drink slim which balances blood sugars and works amazing.
  • Get some exercise. Exercise boosts your emotions, and you need exercise to prepare for labor. Aim for 20 min 4 times a week.
  • Have someone to talk to and process with. Your emotions are real, but you are in charge, not them.
  • Make sure to be getting enough vitamin D3 either from cod liver oil, the sun, or a supplement. I recommend Megafoods vitamin D3
  • If at all possible, get outside in the sun every day. Especially first thing in the morning.
  • If you live in a part of the country that does not get much sun, I strongly suggest getting a sun lamp. Here is one on Amazon

Supplements Can Help

  • B12 is considered a natural anti-anxiety medicine. Simply taking B12 is all some women need. I recommend these B's from the brand Jarrow.
  • MinChex is a product from Standard Process which contains minerals, including iodine. It can be amazing at regulating moods. It is whole food and completely safe in pregnancy, just like eating foods. I recommend you take between 3 and nine a day.
  • BHI Calming is a homeopathic. It is amazing. It is like taking happiness. You put it under your tongue and you will start to feel better almost immediately. It is safe to use in pregnancy and with other medicines. There is no risks of overdose, and it is non-addictive. I recommend taking it as needed. Guys can take them also.
  • Increasing your B vitamins can boost your emotions and so can increasing your calcium intake. Make sure you are taking a whole food sourced B and I recommend taking an active form of folate. See my Blog: Please Don't Take Folic Acid
  • Increasing your calcium can be amazing support for your emotions. Calcium helps your nerve impulses and calms you.
  • Have your doctor check your hemoglobin and if it is under 12 take Blood Builder by Mega Foods. Low iron can cause you to be exhausted and emotional. Also do yourself a favor and get it up there before labor. You will have a better labor and smoother postpartum.
  • If you are in your third trimester I recommend drinking red raspberry leaf tea by the gallon. Seriously. It helps to balance hormones and contains calcium and iron to prepare the body for labor. It is best if you buy it in bulk and brew it yourself. You can drink it hot or cold. Just drink it. I don’t recommend it in the first trimester, but it is safe starting in the second trimester.
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Getting at The Root

Depression is often times a gut issue. By healing the gut you absorb more nutrients and balance hormones as well as blood sugars. Plus you can diminish inflammation in the body.  All of these contribute to depression I recommend taking Vital Biome from plexus for a minimum 6 months to heal your gut. I call Vital Biome, Pro Bio 5, Biocleanse, and Slim  the powerful 4 for supporting emotional health. You can get them here.

For more pregnancy thoughts on thriving both physically and emotionally in pregnancy, please make a appointment with me. I do phone and online consultation with people all over.

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