Steps to Navigating a Postpartum Meal Train and Eating Nutritious Meals

Steps to Navigating a Postpartum Meal Train and Eating Nutritious Meals

Your exhausted from the intensity of birth, the intensity of hormones, the intensity of meeting your new baby, the intensity! You’re exhausted and the last thing you want to think about is making food, but one of the most important things you can do to thrive in this beautiful season called postpartum is to eat nutritious food. How do you navigate the exhaustion and the need to nourish yourself?

1.       Have a plan ahead of time of meals and snacks you want to eat along with a grocery list and recipes. Decide which meals you want to make yourself ahead of time and which you would like to delegate to a meal train. Having a plan of what you want to eat and what you want people to bring you will enable you to eat what you want and need and not junk food.

2.       Set aside a couple of days to make food for your freezer. This could be a good time to have someone take any kids you already have or to have a friend come over and help. Remember, people love to help expectant moms. I suggest you get ideas from Make Ahead Paleo which has delicious healthy meals that you can make and eat later.

3.       Have a meal train with a menu that people choose from.  People want to help after the birth of a baby and bringing a meal can be a huge blessing, but if people are not given guidelines you may end up eating tater tot casserole every night. On your meal train you can give a list of meals with recipes and people can sign up for which one they want to bring. Here is a site that allows you to set up a meal train: Meal Train

To make planning a meal train easier check out Real Plans Online Menu. They provide you with a personal menu and shopping list.  Recipes include gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo and Auto Immune Paleo options. Check out there website here Real Plans

4.       Have a grocery train. You can also provide a grocery list for people to buy you groceries or simple foods you want to have fresh or even disposable items you need. I stopped by a new mom’s house once and the only thing they wanted was they had ran out of toilet paper and she did not want to go to the store. Other items could be paper plates and cups. Though at heart I am a green girl and love the idea of a no waste home, there are times when easy cleanup is a beautiful idea. This is not your whole life this is a season.

5.       Have guidelines for people bringing meals. If people bring a meal it does not give them the right to see you or the baby. It might feel rude, but making sure you rest and are not stressed is as important as eating well. You can navigate this in a couple of ways. 1. With the meal train have a note saying as much as you would like to see people and for them to meet your baby you have decided not to have company for the first 2 weeks. Then have your husband or a point person receive the food from the person. 2. Have people bring groceries that can be left on the porch for the first couple of weeks and rely on your stash of freezer meals until you are more ready for visitors. This is not rude; it is wisdom to set healthy boundaries. 3. If there are people you want to see that don’t stress you ask them to bring meals the first week.

You can eat well and not stress about food during the postpartum period. With the help of a good plan and willing friends your postpartum meals and snacks can give your energy and joy in the intensity of a new baby and recovering body.

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