What Do My Hair Dryer, Radiation, and Fertility Have in Common?

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What Do My Hair Dryer, Radiation, and Fertility Have in Common?

The answer is electro magnetic frequencies or EMFs. Hair dryers emit EMFs, EMFs are a type of radiation, and radiation affects your fertility. Bam!

More and more studies are showing that EMFs affect people’s health in an alarming multitude of ways, such as causing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and lowering the immune systems.

Electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs are radiation emitted through everyday electrical devices, such as computers, electric clocks, microwaves, cell phones, outlets, electric blankets, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, electric hair dryers, cell phones, wireless headsets (bluetooth), waterbed heaters, x-rays, cell phones, and living within 300 feet of telephone poles/transformers. Did I mention cell phones? Pretty much every electrical device puts off some amount of EMFs.

Okay, let’s all go hide in our bomb shelters and come out in 40 years. Right. It does feel a bit overwhelming. We live in a modern world and EMFs just go along with that. Right. Except when it affects your health and your fertility. Though only at low levels, we are constantly bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies and evidence indicates it may lead to fertility problems. What exact effects do EMFs have on fertility? Here is a list of what studies indicate.

Male Reproductive Effects

  • · Erectile dysfunction

  • · Decreased testosterone

  • · Decreased sperm motility

  • · Decreased sperm viability

  • · Increased DNA fragmentation

  • · Coitus without ejaculation

  • · Altered sperm morphology

  • · Decreased sperm concentration

  • Abnormal clumping of sperm cells

  • · Decreased testosterone

  • · Reduced weight of testicles

  • · Effects on sperm of offspring

Female Fertility Effects:

  • · Spontaneous abortion

  • · Hormonal changes

  • · Ovarian toxicities, degeneration

  • · Reduced ovarian weight

  • · Miscarriages

  • · Decrease number of follicles

  • · Degeneration of oocytes

YIKES! (1,2,3)

The bedroom can be the source of the most EMF exposure.

While you sleep, you move into unconsciousness and your body relaxes. In this vulnerable state, research indicates that you are 100-150 times more open to damage from EMFs than when you are awake. Children are often up to 1,000 times more sensitive to these fields when they are asleep. A TV screen in your bedroom will radiate energy all night, even after it has been unplugged. However, the worst of all electrical bedroom appliances are clock radios, electric alarm clocks, electric blankets, and waterbed heaters. (4)

But what can you do when you live in the modern world- Besides a bomb shelter.

Being aware and limiting exposure is step one. A few items anyone can invest in are EMF blocking devices for your electronics.

  1. Smart meter radiation is at a very high power and concentration. You can get a smart meter cover to block the radiation. Smart Meter Cover

  2. I also have the Defender Pad, which goes under my laptop because I often work with it on my lap. It blocs almost 100% of harmful laptop radiation and greatly reduces heat emitted from the bottom of your laptop.

3. I recommend everyone have a shield on their cellphone. I like this one for the I-phone. Defender EMF Radiation Protection Slim Case

A Belly Blanket Chic is a blanket that you can place on your lap that is 99.9% effective at shielding radiation from cell phones, laptops and other devices. If you are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant and work on computers a lot it would be a great investment. Or if you just want to snuggle under a soft blanket.

And of course you can buy a Low EMF hair dryer like this one.


All of this may seem over the top extreme, Remember, even small actions may make a big difference when dealing with fertility issues.


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